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                      Supply unit and the main results

First, China Petrochemical, China National Petroleum Systems Enterprise

Department of China Petrochemical Corporation China Petroleum Material & Equipment Co., Ltd. e-commerce company China Petroleum Material and Equipment Corporation Group

China National Offshore Oil Corporation
Shanghai Petrochemical, Jinshan Petrochemical, Yangzi Petrochemical, Jinling Petrochemical, Baling Petrochemical, Sinopec Anqing, Jiujiang Petrochemical, Sinopec Wuhan, Yueyang Petrochemical, Jingmen Petrochemical, Qilu Petrochemical, Sinopec Qingdao, Guangzhou Petrochemical, Maoming Petrochemical, Zhanjiang Dongxing, North Sea oil refineries, Tianjin Petrochemical, Zhenhai Refining & Chemical, Changling Petrochemical, Refinery, Jinan, Shijiazhuang Refinery, Cangzhou Refinery, Fujian Refinery, Luoyang Petrochemical, Hubei Fertilizer Plant, Daqing Petrochemical, Lanzhou Petrochemical, Yanshan Petrochemical, Jilin Petrochemical, Petrochemical Yumen Dalian Petrochemical, West Pacific Petrochemical, Jinzhou Petrochemical, Urumqi Petrochemical, Fushun Petrochemical, Jinxi Refining and Chemical, Yan'an Refinery, Hohhot refinery, Liaoyang Chemical Fiber, Zhongyuan Dahua, Kam days of, Zep Dahua, Dushanzi, Karamay
, the rich island of Hainan, Inner Mongolia Amano chemicals, fertilizer Plant in Heilongjiang, Lutianhua, sky, Chitianhua, Sichuan and so on.

Second, the boiler plant system

State Power Corporation Parts Center, Huadian pipeline, Huaneng, North China Electric Power, Guangdong Electric Power, Electric Power Construction Jiangsu, Anhui Electric Power Construction, Shandong Electric Power Construction, electrical construction in Sichuan, Hebei Electric Power Construction, Datong two electricity, Beilun Power Plant, Power Fengzhen plant, high into the plants, Pucheng Power, Sichuan Panzhihua Power Company, Qishuyan power plants, Shijingshan Power Plant, Douhe power plants, Yangzhou Power Plant, Zhenhai Power Plant, Dalian Power Plant, south of the captive power plant, Ukraine Sinopec-owned power plant, captive power plant of Dalian Petrochemical, Shanghai Boiler Works, Dongfang Boiler Factory, Wuhan Boiler Factory, Hangzhou Boiler Works, Harbin Boiler Factory, Harbin Steam Turbine Plant, Shanghai Turbine Works, Alstom, India Thermax
boiler plant, the boiler's thermal systems in India, Yibin Power Plant, Dongfang Steam Turbine Works, etc.

Third, construction companies and parts manufacturers

China Petrochemical Engineering Construction Corporation, China Petroleum Engineering Construction Corporation, China Offshore Oil Engineering Construction Corporation, Beijing Global Engineering Company, China National Chemical Construction Engineering Corporation, Luoyang Petrochemical Engineering Corporation, Sinopec Ningbo Engineering Company, as of the construction company, Shanghai Petrochemical Engineering Company , Shanghai Zoran Environmental Engineering, Shanghai Wison Chemical Engineering, Lanzhou Petrochemical Machinery Factory West cattle, Jiangyin Petroleum Machinery Factory, Harbin Power Equipment Plant, Sea Chi power accessories factory, Zhangjiagang Huadian Power Equipment Co., Ltd., Zhangjiagang Special Boiler Accessories Factory , Jiangyin Petrochemical Equipment Factory, Suzhou Jiangnan Petrochemical Machinery Factory, three companies Zhenhai Machinery Factory, Maoming Petrochemical Machinery Factory, Portland Machinery Plant, Sichuan-based Factory, Yiwu Petrochemical Fittings Factory, Yiwu smooth pipe factory, Wuxi Xinfeng Pipe Fitting Factory
, Southern Pipe Factory Jiangyin, Jiangyin high-pressure pipe factory, Liaoyang Petrochemical Machinery Plant, Jiangsu, marked a new Kubota, Yantai Best Special Furnace Factory, Yantai Manoir and so on.

Fourth, the typical project

1, petroleum, petrochemical projects
1.1 for 1994, 2.5 million tons crude oil distillation Tianjin Petrochemical refinery delayed coking unit Cr5Mo, Cr9Mo, 316L tube, still in use.
1.2 Urumqi Petrochemical Plant in 1999 for a reformer unit TP347H stainless steel tube, 2001, 3 million tons for the Zhenhai Refining & Chemical catalysis, hydrodesulfurization unit with 1.8 million tons imported TP321, 508 * 38,588 * 42 and other large-diameter stainless steel tube,
for 2002, Yan'an Refinery, Yumen refinery in 2004, Karamay, Fushun Petrochemical, Lutianhua hydrogenation unit TP321H, TP347H and other stainless steel tube, welding materials and other process piping and elbows bend.
1.3 citric acid project in Central Asia in 2000 Roche 317L plate pipe imports in 2004, imports of Zhongzhou Aluminum 317L stainless steel tube.
1.4 for Zep Dahua 2000, 2001, blackening, 2003 Haolianghe fertilizer plant in 2003, Hengsheng Dahua, Wei of Shaanxi Province in 2004 all American Standard process piping materials, pipe CNOOC Ningbo Chunxiao gas field project.
1.5 Dalian Petrochemical Company in 2005-2006 for CCR 2.2 million tons, 3.6 million tons with a hydrocracker furnace tube.
1.6 2005 Guangzhou Petrochemical 8 million project atmospheric and vacuum distillation, delayed coking projects 1 million, 800,000 tons ethylene project in Maoming, Lanzhou 900,000 tons ethylene project
1.7 2006 and 1.7 million tons of chemical state in oil hydrotreating unit distillation points; 2.4 million tons in coking of heavy oil cracker furnace; 800,000 tons in a continuous reforming unit.
1.8 2006 China Petroleum Karamay Petrochemical Company catalytic reforming unit
1.9 In 2007, Dalian, Fu Jia, Dalian Petrochemical Co., Ltd. joint project PX Fang ember

2, the boiler power projects
2.1 in 1996 for Wushihua owned power plant, Nanjing Dahua-owned power plant in 1997, Dalian Petrochemical 2000, 2004, Inner Mongolia Amano, Luan power plant in 2005, Maoming ethylene-owned power plant, etc. with 10CrMo910, ST45.
8/III, 12Cr1MoV, P22, P11, A333Gr6 piping materials such as high temperature and pressure
2.2 2005 to 2006, 471 plants in Wuhan A335 P11, P22 more than 1,200 tons of large-diameter seamless steel pipe
2.3 for SAIC, Kazakhstan steam, Dongfeng, the pot, the East pot, Kazakhstan pot Huadian pipeline, Dalate power plant P11, P12, P22, P91, T91, 12Cr1MoV, 10CrMo910, A106B, A106C large diameter without
pipe joints.
2.4 In 2007, Shandong Huangdao Power Plant 660MW 2 # unit P91 steel.

3, steel
3.1 In 2003 the main venue for the first National Games in Nanjing Olympic Sports Center, a steel frame with φ1000 * 60, φ1000 * 54, φ1000 * 44, φ700 * 50 Longitudinal imports of large diameter.
3.2 for the Chengdu Hi-Tech Plaza, Exhibition, Zhengzhou, Harbin Exhibition, East China Sea Bridge, the Beijing West Railway Station, Hangzhou Culture Plaza, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, Jinan Airport, Tianjin TEDA soccer and other airports, soccer fields, convention centers, stadiums structure with no
pipe joints.
3.3 for the 5-meter wide plate mill Baosteel, Xinyu Steel mill roller with steel pipes.
3.4 2002 - 2003 for the construction of five companies have API 5L X52 grade high strength low alloy steel pipelines for offshore oil vessel stent.
3.5 can produce DN500, DN600, DN700, DN800, DN900, DN1000 the 21CrMo10 large diameter casting mold tube.

4, special materials
4.1 XI for Beijing Institute of Aerospace Corporation, Xi'an Hua Lu Engineering Company and other units C276, Inconel825, 625,601, Monel400, GH30 pipes, fittings, plates, etc.
4.2 in 2001 for black-oriented Group 50 tons of synthetic ammonia project imported into Furnace HK40 tube.
4.3 Since 2001, has for Tianjin Dagu Chemical Plant, Nanjing Bao color Titanium, Jiangsu and other copper-nickel tubes St., copper and nickel plate.
4.4 for 1999, Daqing Oilfield Methanol Plant, 2000 Zep Dahua, 2001 Shaanxi Xinghua, 2003 Zhongyuan Dahua Incoloy800H alloy tube and a large diameter 800H Longitudinal conversion furnace.

5, low temperature pipeline
5.1 for the United States in 1999, Zhangjiagang Unocal methane tank project A333 GR3, GR6 import low-temperature pipe material
5.2 for 2003, Huaneng Power, Hiroshige cold pipe fittings materials
5.3 for 2004, Daqing Petrochemical, Guangxi Tianyuan, Maoming, Wei of Shaanxi Province and other projects with A333GR1 GR3, GR6, A671
CC60, CF66 (-45 ℃ ~ -100 ℃) low-temperature pipe fittings materials.
5.4 2006 Petroleum Energy Co., Ltd. Guangxi tank project (coastal strategic reserves) with low-temperature piping.

6, export performance
6.1 In October 2004, Alstom Projects India with P22: Ф406.4 * 46, Ф406.4 * 61
6.2 March 2006 MORAVIA SYSTEMS Egypt project with P22: Ф508 * 20.62; P11: Ф711 * 17.4, Ф711 * 22; P91: Ф610 * 12.7, Ф610 * 17.5, Ф711 * 15.88, Ф711 * 22.45, Ф762 * 15.88, Ф762 *
6.3 In March 2006, the Italian GISSI Alstom project with P91: Ф457.2 * 12.7, Ф508 * 9.53, Ф609.6 * 17.4
6.4 In May 2006 South Korean Doosan project with P11: Ф508 * 15.09, Ф508 * 12.77, Ф508 * 20.61, Ф508 * 26.91; P22: Ф610 * 30.96, Ф610 * 38.89
6.5 In May 2006 the project with Alstom Oman SOHAR P22: Ф508 * 9.53, Ф609.6 * 14.27, Ф609.6 * 9.53; P9: Ф457.2 * 29.36
6.6 In July 2006, Alstom Italy Scandale project with P91: Ф457.2 * 12.7, Ф508 * 9.53, Ф609.6 * 17.48
6.7 In October 2006 the French Eurobras project with P91: Ф219.1 * 18.26, Ф323.9 * 25.40, Ф406.4 * 30.96
6.8 In November 2006, Korea NK: Ф406 * 8 1000T, Ф355.6 * 7 200T, 2006 December, South Korea Finetec corp: Ф355.6 * 7 60T; India, Everest Kanto Cylinder Ltd: Ф508 * 16 200T, Ф559 * 18 200T, Ф355.6 * 7 200T, Ф559 * 13.5 200T Ф406 * 8 100T Ф508 * 16 200T Ф204 * 4.4 200T; India Rama Cylinders PVT., LTD: Ф406 * 8.3 100T, Ф356 * 7.3 100T; Iran Tamkar Gas Equipment CO.
, LTD: Ф406 * 7.9 2000T, Ф356 * 7.4 2000T, Ф232 * 6.1 1000T; Japan's JFE: Ф356 * 7, Ф406 * 9.3, Ф316 * 6.5 and so the cylinder tube
6.9 In December 2006, the U.S. engineering company Fluor TXU project with P22: Ф114.3 * 25.28, Ф355.6 * 76, Ф711.2 * 38.1, Ф965.2 * 50.8, Ф965.2 * 53.9, etc.
6.10 In December 2006, Alstom UK Langage project with P22: Ф558 * 22.23
6.11 March 2007 KIM SENG HUAT HARDWARE PTE LTD with P11: Ф457.2 * 7.92, Ф508 * 15.09, Ф609.6 * 9.53; P91: Ф457 * 12.7, Ф508 * 12.7, Ф609.6 * 14.27, Ф609.6 *
6.12 In March 2007 Taiwan Dragon Unit 1 nuclear power with A333Gr6, P22: Ф508 * 50.01, Ф609.6 * 59.54
6.13 In March 2007 the United States TIOGA PIPE SUPPLY COMPANY with ASTM ASME A/SA53B, A / SA 106B / C, etc. P11, P91: Ф457 * 9.53, Ф559 * 12.7, Ф610 * 9.53, Ф610 * 12.7, Ф660 * 9.53, Ф711 * 12.7, Ф762 * 12.7, etc.

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